Hot & High Italy

My journey in Eataly was very long. Here I will tell mostly about mountains area of Grand Paradiso National park in Italian Alps.

From very hot April Milano you can get fresh & snowing Alps for 4 hours by train.

Aosta city

Romanian historical sightseeings

Do not be lazy - catching sunrise crazy.

I was alone there. All the days. All paths of Grand Paradiso are made in a best way. But walking there for 20 km per day I did not meet anybody. Only wild animals.

Tree take a photo of me

Huge fields of them

Cogne village

One day I did not saw my hand because of smog

Echo path has its own number and even on 11000 feet high you will meet definite direction how to continue walking.

Map at the entrance of GP

Aosta is a small, touristic city where you can find some very old Romanian buildings. Nothing else.

In April you can watch how mountain river begins

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