Right Whale Bay


Another story from a visit to the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia aboard the Hans Hansson. We dropped anchor in Right Whale Bay on a bright, snowy morning and went ashore to explore.

We were greeted by Southern elephant seals, Fur seals and - finally - King penguins.

Saw a few King penguins at first - swimming ashore and waddling inland. But soon we spotted dozens of the 3 feet tall (1 meter) penguins marching past a hauled out Southern elephant seal. Naturally, we followed the procession...

So caught up in the penguin parade, I hardly noticed the gathering of Kings in the distance.

I wasn't expecting this sight!

Became even more interesting the closer we got. Such social creatures.

Felt a little like we were crashing their holiday party.

King penguins continued to arrive and the party in the foothills grew larger - stretching down the hillside and onto the plain.

For a few moments the sun broke through the clouds and the wind calmed down.

Loved how surprisingly well they blended into the landscape.

Never like leaving a party, but it was time to cross the snowy plain for a nice warm lunch aboard the Hans Hansson.

Silhouettes of Southern elephant seals, fur seals and King penguins near the Hans Hansson in Right Whale Bay, South Georgia


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