Part 7: The Ring Road, Day 5

Most of our fifth day on the Ring Road was spent enjoying the view. We had a few specific destinations to get to, and a lot of impulse pullovers. As it should be.

Lake Mývatn

We stopped by the pseudo craters at Skútustaðir around Lake Mývatn before leaving the area. Figured as long as we were in Mývatn, we should probably see the lake it was famous for!

We didn't walk around the crater rims, but they were interesting to look out over and make for a bizarre landscape around the lake.


Goðafoss, in Icelandic, translates to Waterfall of the Gods. Seeing it in person, it's not hard to see why it's called that.

The Ring Road

Driving around Iceland is an incredible experience. It's impossible to get very far without needing to stop and get out to look at or photograph something. Here are some snaps from our drive around the Ring Road that don't necessarily fall under specific headers.


I only know this place was called Dalvik because there was a sign right next to this small nature preserve that said so.

Told ya so.

Thanks to a lucky pin drop on Google, I know that the top two photos are from the road between Héðinsfjarðargöng, which are two tunnels that connect Ólafsfjörður and Siglufjörður in North East Iceland.

The bottom two photos in the previous slide were taken from a pullover on Siglufjarðarvegur, or route 76, also in North Iceland. Siglufjarðarvegur looks out toward Skagafjörður, which I've just discovered that I'm super sad to have missed out on.

The best kind of traffic jam.

Icelandic Horses

Iceland has banned the importation of horses for over a thousand years. As well, any Icelandic Horse that leaves the country can never return. This has lead to Icelandic Horses being one of the purest breeds. Driving around the country, horses can often be seen grazing in fields. Of course, we had to pull over for a few.

They're also incredibly photogenic.

Can't even begin to tell you guys how much I miss smjör. Icelandic butter is superior to other butter.

Our AirBnB cabin in a field in the middle of nowhere. That wins and rain was all we heard.

No joke, when we got to the cabin, it was so windy we had to hold onto the car doors when opening them. It was a cute cabin though!

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