Bear, Nymph & Dream Lakes


A year ago, we did the Grand Tetons in Wyoming...without our son. 12+ mile hikes and elevation weren't a problem. Our little guy joined us this year however, limiting our options. Plus, we only had two days in Rocky Mountain National Park. And on top of that, rain was in the forecast for 75% of our time here. Thankfully, Estes Park had just what we were looking for.

It's 14 miles from Mary Lake Lodge to the top of Bear Lake Road. If you want a parking spot and to avoid the park and ride shuttle, get there before 8 a.m. We left before seven.

With PM rains looming, we targeted Bear, Nymph, Dream and Emerald Lakes.

Bear Lake

So easy yet so stunning. And morning means lots of glass and few humans.

Next up was Nymph Lake. It's only a half mile hike, but a lot of it is uphill. There were many "where is it?" and "how much farther?" along the way.

Nymph Lake

Not impressed.

From Nymph to Dream Lake, there's a 1/5 mile and a 2/5 mile option. We chose the 1/5. Wrong call. Lots of complaints about the steepness.

Dream Lake

We couldn't make it to Emerald Lake and still beat the rain. But Dream was a fine place to spend a half hour.

Feeding Dream Lake.

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