Beauty in the familiar

#aroundgingins is my project to celebrate the Nature in the place I live. Gingins is a small Swiss village, resting at the foothills of the Jura mountains, not far from Geneva. Beauty surrounds me everyday, I just have to open my heart to see it.

In Gingins, we often see the beauty of Mont Blanc. Yet, the sublime can cause us to miss the beauty in the familiar.

A farmer cuts his grass...

While buzzards circle above

A shy Heron hunts for dinner in fading light

A dragonfly rests in the sun

Sunrise illuminates fruits

And gets Bumblebees from their beds

Early morning contrails

Enlighten the joy of hay

An old friend close to death...still radiantly beautiful

But there can be beauty in loss

And in the possibility of new life

The wonder of lichen...

And spotty leaves

And in the end, sunset

#stellerid #stellerstories #switzerland #nature #bees #beauty #simplicity #Iseeyou I post more photos on Instagram at scott_poynton

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