Outdoors ~ Since I was a young boy, I felt the urge to move, explore, climb, feel the nature. ~ Born in Austria, living near Lake Constance, the alps nearby, I took and still take all chances to ~ M O V E and T R A V E L

Hiking at the Lรผnersee, one of my favorite spots.

You really want to feel nature? Take your tent and sleep outside!

Switzerland - always good for some surprises.

Leave your comfort zone!

Open your eyes!


See the world

It will be steep, rough, slippery and you will sweat like crazy. But hey - it's worth it!

Hiking in the peruvian mountains

La Reunion ~ "Preserve your memories, they're all that's left you"

Fullfilling childhood dreams ~ Hiking to Machu Picchu

Find beauty all around you - break free as often as possible!

Weekend dreamland ~ Switzerland / Alpstein

It will be wet and icy cold - but what beauty you will discover!

Feel alive!

Exspect the unexspected!

Go outdoors all year long

Enjoy sunsets and sunrises

Have an open eye

Go climb a rock - or two!

Be flexible

Find your way

Colour your life

Trust in god

Set goals

These boots were made for walking - so - what are you waiting for?

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