Rosendals Cafe

Rosendals ecological garden cafe..Favourite coffee spot in Stockholm.. Artisanal bakery with a wood-fire stone oven. Situated in a wonderful setting at Djurgården. Don't miss this place if you are visiting Stockholm..

Rosendals Cafe..It's all made by true craftmanship. And it's all organic. They also offer, sallads, soups, and sandwiches of products grown in the garden according to biodynamic principles..You can sit inside the greenhouse, or among blooming trees and flowers in the garden..

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  • appleandorchard

    Gorgeous place Benedicte!!! Healthful food amongst a garden is heaven on Earth!! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story!

  • Kardemomme

    @appleandorchard You are always so sweet and supportive dear Jen! Thank you so much! I so agree with you! Healthy food and flowers are the perfect combo! 😘👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻🌸

  • B__xy


  • labettarossa

    This place looks truly amazing. I'm visiting Stockholm very soon and I'll add it immediately to my "to visit" list! Thanks for sharing :-)