Lake O'Hara

A journey in Yoho National Park

Lake O'Hara

I spend a lot of time exploring national parks in both Canada and USA. My most recent trip took me into British Columbia's Yoho National Park to Lake O'Hara. Hopefully these images will encourage you to book your own outdoor adventure to a National Park.

Getting There

Day hiking and overnight camping trips are by reservation only and they're hard to get. Reservations open 90 days prior to your visit, so it's a game of phone tag to secure a spot. We were lucky, snagging a last minute booking thanks to a camping cancelation.

Day 1: Alpine Circuit

As soon as we arrived, we set out to hike the Alpine Circuit. The entire circuit measures 16km (10 miles) and includes some exposed ledges along Yukness, Wiwaxy and All Souls. Sadly, we only complete half the circuit before thunderstorms chased us to lower elevations.

Day 2: Mt Yukness

For our second hike, we opted for an early morning trip to Opabin Plateau From there, we left the standard trails behind and scrambled towards the summit on Mt Yukness

Celebrating Our Parks

While the US National Parks celebrate their centennial, it's also appropriate to look at all national parks worldwide. Yellowstone National Park is widely considered the worlds first and its creation trigger a worldwide movement to protect some of the planets most iconic wilderness areas

Now Get Outside and Explore!

National Parks exist throughout North America and they're well worth exploring! Why not make it a goal to visit a new park or two on your next adventure?

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