The home of lavender fields, of light blue shutters, of slowly breakfasts and country estates is a great choice for a summer short escape. If you go there, here are some things you should absolutely do before you leave.

Drive along the breathtaking "Rue the Cretes"

It's a panoramic street that follows the coast from La Ciotat to Cassis, south of France. You'll be on the highest cliffs of Europe so...

don't forget to make some stops, to enjoy the view

Visit Marseille, the city where houses love to stay very close one to the other.

..and also people

Remember to pay attention to little things around the city..

...because you could find something magic!

Spend a morning between silence, bells and violet at Senanque Abbey.

don't leave without having tasted lavender cookies made by the monks!

Eat a baguette in Gordes, and dream of living there, perhaps in that house with light blue shutters. Can you see it?

Dedicate the last day to the fields. Remember to go there between June and July, during the blooming.

Chose a path and run, run fast, to reach that beautiful light blue

And when you will be tired enough, sit down and breath deeply. I swear you'll never forget that smell.

• Rue des Cretes • Marseille • Abbaye des Senanque • Gordes • Valensole

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