The beauty of fiji

Bula! Pt 1


Have you heard about fiji? If not you have something wrong, if yes have you visit fiji? If the answer is no, you NEED to visit fiji asap!

Fiji is located in eastern australia, you need to fly around 5 hours from sydney. Yes thats a long long journey but so worth every single minute you spend in aircraft ✈️

Fiji have tons of super beautiful beach and surround by luxury hotels around the island, yes i know it cost alot for fiji trip but i guess its really worth it

I choose sheraton fiji resort for this trip, why i choose sheraton? They have a wonderful service, plenty of hospitality, good food, and ofc nice atmosphere. (Im not buzzing them since im not famous on steller😂)

Since the day i came to fiji, im straight goes to sheraton resort and geez! They have a sweet room for couple (fyi this trip im going alone and i forget to taking a picture this room, im sorry) so yeah i slept alone for 7 nights haha!

Look at the sunset? So pretty right? I wish i lived here for ever, i can feel the ocean breeze for every single day, doing sunset and sunrise everyday, and eat so food for the rest of my life. You guys who life in fiji are so freaking lucky!

I can eat tons of fish 🐟

Sunrise if fucking amazing, it was worth wake up in 4 am 😂

And sheraton fiji has a sweet place for who wants to marry their love ones ❤️ someday i will marry you in this island

Dah ah capek, see you in pt 2 guys

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