Polignano a mare


What can i say about this restaurant is EXCELENT!! Their specialty is vegetarian (but they do serve seafood too) They used local, organic and seasonal products The restaurant name "cucina fresca" means fresh cuisine. So everything is fresh, light, perfectly cooked and so yummy, even to their desserts It's no wonder they received no 1 review at TripAdvisor The decorations is so me! Shabby chic pastels πŸ’• Reservation needed, they are fully booked everyday!!

Do you realize there is "Mint" in every dishes?? From their website they explain the story , and for me its interesting. Legend has it that the Mint takes its name from the nymph Minta, beautiful creature loved by the god of the Underworld, Hades. It was his wife Persephone, in revenge, to transform the young nymph plant. The lover distraught, not being able to bring back to life, he chose to give it a pleasant and fresh scent as the ultimate act of love. Since then Minta lived along the river Cocytus, and became for the Greeks the plant of love. Β  That mint for us is a universal concept that encompasses the meanings of our experiences and the work we do every day. Mint is not only love, the main reason we are here, but also the freshness, that means in our kitchen daily fresh and refreshing. Mint is also a universal plant and eclectic, a bit 'like us, used worldwide and suitable for many different dishes, including cocktails and drinks. It is fragrant and natural, like our kitchen, as well as healthy and therapeutic, as each ingredient of our dishes. Β  Mint is a touch of pleasure and spontaneity; our refuge could only be called, universally, MINT. Being MINT is for us an attitude, is the naturalness of offering nothing but ourselves ( translated by google from their website ) The dessert is ahmaaazingggg!! Very light i mean really light!! You will never find the lightest cheesecake elsewhere! You can feel the cheese but its so light like an air. And not too sweet.

Clean Toilet is also important for the restaurant

The chef!

Coco loves their bread and cake!!


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