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Last summer, I quit my job and decided to follow my rediscovered dream: to tell stories. So far, this has taken the form of travel photography. I'd like to share with you 15 of the best images from my first year of wandering the globe.

15. "Ivy and Envy" Blooming sakura trees become the envy of every flower in the natural world during springtime in Tokyo and throughout Japan.

14. "Dreams in the Dusk" Day softly turns to night in Vernazza, Italy, as seen from one of the most majestic overlooks on the planet.

13. "Danubian Mist" During a frigid December morning in Budapest, visibility at the chain bridge is almost non-existent. If you look over the side, you can't even see the water.

12. "The Beating Heart of Osaka" The streets pulsate at night in this Dutch angle shot of Japan's second city.

11. "City of a Thousand Spires" A fiery sunset erupts over Prague, providing a grand backdrop to the bridges and spires of the Golden City.

10. "Medieval Boulevard" The streets are quiet at night in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a perfectly preserved medieval town in Germany.

9. "Death and Rebirth" The still-dead trees on the left contrast with the blooming cherry blossom tree on the right, creating the perfect story for Osaka Castle - a structure destroyed and rebuilt numerous times over the last four centuries.

8. "The Path to Fairy Tales" A city vehicle makes its way across Charles Bridge through the crowds of people as night descends upon Prague. In the distance, the largest castle in the world turns its lights on - and thousands of tourists and residents from all over the city stop and stare at the castle's fairytale-like St. Vitus Cathedral.

7. "Spirits in the Night" A thousand gates - with kanji meticulously carved into their pillars - line the walkways at Fushimi Inari, a shrine dedicated to the Fox Kami.

6. "In a London Flash" The bustle never ends at one of London's most famous icons, Tower Bridge.

5. "The Realm of the White Heron" A quintessential Japanese scene unfolds as Himeji Castle, towering over the surrounding landscape, basks in the first light of the day.

4. "The Last of the Sun" The sun sets behind the monolithic rock pillars of Meteora, casting a last ray onto Holy Trinity Monastery and the autumn foliage in the valley.

3: "Harbor Dreams" The tranquil evening contrasts the quaint yet chaotic architecture in Vernazza, a gem of the Ligurian coastline.

2. "Memoirs from Kyoto" Two Japanese women stop on the streets of Kyoto and look up at Yasaka Pagoda, a cherished landmark of the historic Gion District.

1. "Golden Fables" The church on Bled Island shimmers with golden light as the sun rises in Lake Bled, Slovenia.

FIN To read the blog post from which this adapted, and to see these photos in high resolution, please visit my website: www.mappingwanderlust.com/Travel-Essays/First-Yr-of-Travel-Photography

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