Alto Molise is rich of good cheese, mushrooms and truffle! Come and Enjoy our flavors.

Meatballs with cheese and eggs

Ingredients Cheese, bread, eggs, parsley, garlic Mix the all Ingredients and make small balls, fry them and after put in tomato sauce.


In our antipasto You can find four different kind of cheese Caciocavallo Pecorino Stracciata Ricotta

We use enjoy the cheese with honey and jams

You can eat outside in summer time and enjoy the landscape on the Appennins

Fettuccine with 'Galletti' mushrooms

Fettuccine, Oil EVO, Mushrooms, Parsley, Salt Boil fettuccine in a salted water. Cook the mushrooms in oil EVO. Add the fettuccine at the mushrooms and use parsley to decor.

Black Truffle The King of the table!

Alto Molise is rich of black and white truffle. The 40% of italian production of truffle come from Molise.

Italian Flag Ravioli

Ravioli with pumpkins and ricotta cheese decorated with fresh tomatoes, rockets and ricotta cheese.

Welcome in our nature

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