Remixing Drawing with Apps


Download Photo to Camera Roll

Use Strip Design to Modify Paper

Modify Paper

Use Fused to Superimpose Drawings

Superimpose 2 then 3 Drawings

Use Fused to Filter to Negative

Use PicPlayPost to Grab Youtube Snippet

Search for Youtube Video

Search By Theme

Grab Video

Select and Trim Snippet

Frame Video

Share (Via Instagram) to Camera Roll

Use Fused for Superimposition

Superimpose Video and Drawing, Frame and Filter

Use PicPlayPost for Framing, Looping, Watermark

Use Picplaypost to frame a add Watermark and to Loop Video Snippet

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  • telliowkuwp

    Process post par excellent

  • tsheko

    Looks complicated so I'm glad I can follow your steps! Thank yoiu!


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