The Tale of Too-Tiny Tina

A modern fairy tale

Life can be hard if you are too tiny. It can also be lots of fun!

"Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. "

Dr. Seuss

One day Tina, who was two, and very tiny, went to the store with her mom.

Tina loved colors. She loved pink and blue and green and orange and purple. But, she especially loved RED! At the store she saw a bottle of red juice way up high on the shelf. "I want THIS!" she said. She reached up on tippy toes but could barely touch it.

Tina was just too tiny.

Tina's mom got the big bottle of red juice down. She bought it and took it home. "You can have some," her mother said. "And then it's nap time."

Tina had some red juice from her sippy-cup. She was so tired! She curled up with her teddy bear and fell asleep.

Tina dreamed she could play in the garden. She was so tiny she could use the flowers as her playground.

First she climbed into a plum blossom in the tree she could see from her window. She was very high up and Tina felt big!

She left the plum blossom and found a beautiful golden hibiscus flower. She went into its lovely petals and could swing! She was having so much fun!

She was so big and strong, She could climb the beautiful cone flower!

All this playing and climbing made Tina very hungry!

She wanted her supper and set out to find it.

She could hear her mom calling, "Tina! It is time to eat!"

She climbed way up high to the table and jumped into the biggest plate of sushi ever! But it was SO big, she couldn't eat it! Tina was too tiny.

It was the biggest and heaviest piece of sushi in the whole, wide, world.

Tina thought, "this can't be my house!" "Where's my mom?"

Tina had to get home for dinner but she was lost somewhere in the garden!

She heard a voice from above; It was the Yellow-Fellow Taxi Service, "Hop on!" said Yellow-Fellow. "I'll take you home!"

"Hop on, " said Yellow-Fellow

Tina climbed up a begonia and onto Yellow-Fellow's back. They buzzed over the flowers of red, blue, green and purple. They flew to Tina's window and into her room...

Tina's mom was sitting on her bed when she woke up. "Come, Tina, it's time for dinner"

Tina was so happy to see her mom! She gave her a big hug and off they went together. It was a long, fun day.

Being two and tiny was not so bad.

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  • nssherman920

    So good Susan!❤️

  • np42photos

    So creative. What a great way to use your wonderful photo and editing skills. Great job.

  • ouipie

    As a photographer I feel often like the tiny Tina of your great story. Being tiny we can explore marvels we couldn't see otherwise. Like to stay tiny!

  • Cinder

    This made my day! You are a born writer! Well done, Sue.

  • isharadeborah

    LOOOOOVE this - it's WONDER-FULL. I see you creating a lovely series of children's books Sistar <3 <3 <3

  • SansSouciBlogs

    @nssherman920 Thanks so much, Nancy!!

  • SansSouciBlogs

    @np42photos Oh, wow, thank you, Nancy!

  • SansSouciBlogs

    @ouipie : Merci, merci beaucoup, Pierre!

  • SansSouciBlogs

    @Cinder Oh, wow thank you that is the ultimate compliment, Cin.

  • SansSouciBlogs

    @isharadeborah Thanks a MILLION!!!! It just all came together after a lot of mental "cooking" of ingredients. I guess I have to look out for more people in markets!

  • ChristinaH


  • SansSouciBlogs

    @ChristinaH thanks so much!!

  • stellargail

    Very engaging stories! I love them! I'm so glad I figured out how to access your interesting stories! You're creative talents are terrific!❤️

  • SansSouciBlogs

    @stellergail Good to see you here and many THANKS!

  • verdderfan

    So cute , you could write a child's book series : )

  • SansSouciBlogs

    @verdderfan thanks Karen! I do blog and have a book out. Studied years ago with the author Eve Merriam who wanted me to do just that! So great to meet you!!-Sue

  • stellerlynneLL

    Sue, what a lovely story !!! How did you do the other drawings and the different colors of the background ? Thanks !

  • SansSouciBlogs

    @lynnelle3 : one of many themes you can choose!


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