The Joy of Sunflowers


It's summer and fields of sunflowers are blooming, attracting bees and other keen pollinators. The colours are so beautifully rich - yellows, golds, greens - all contrasted against a deep blue, sweltering sky.

Over a number of days, I've snapped some shots of the developing flowers and their friendly visitors

Some of the advanced flowers are already developing big seed heads

There are bees everywhere

Beautiful Bumblebees too

"For to the bee a flower is a fountain of life, And to the flower a bee is a messenger of love," Extract from Kahlil Gibran's "The Prophet"

His labor is a chant, His idleness a tune; Oh, for a bee's experience Of clovers and of noon! From "The Bee" by Emily Dickinson

It's just been great to be immersed in all the colour and furious life

"I am busy painting huge sunflowers"

Vincent Van Gogh