Andrew Stafford

The inspiration behind the #100liveyourlifechallenge

Andrew James Stafford sadly passed away after a long hard and well fought battle against cancer. Andrew lived his life everday doing everything he wanted and achieveing all his dreams. He lived in the now on borrowed time having the time of his life. He would not have wanted us to be sad and grieve in a painful way, Andy would have wanted us to live our lives every single day adventure after adventure. So together we decided to do exactly that.

My cousin Kaite approached me with the idea of the #100liveyourlifechallenge.

Together we came up with 100 things that either scared us, or we just really wanted to do.

Andy and his family.

Andy had his own little list. One of the items a Melbourne cup cruise. We all joined him for this one.

He got to see his sister get married. 👰

Had a go on a paddle board.

He designed our cruise shirts. 😄 Which we now have to remember him.

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