Pokémon GO

How I spent my Sunday Morning in Santa Barbara

When you live in one of the most spectacular beach towns in California, what else are you gonna do on a Sunday Morning?

Pokémon GO

Spotted and captured Padaro Beach #onpadarolane #805

Pokemon Go breaks Apple download records

It should come as no surprise to players frustrated with overloaded servers, or anyone who's seen hordes of people catching Pokemon in the streets, that Pokemon Go is kind of a big deal. Full Article on Cnn

Stearns Wharf Santa Barbara Harbor

On Stearns Wharf, nearly half the people out this morning were playing Pokémon GO.

This little guy was seen on East Beach

@cindy wanted to bring this little guy home with us.

With 50 new Pokémon in my Pokédex and 1% battery, it's time to call it a day...