We had a destination wedding to attend in Scotland, so we figured it would be a good excuse to get a group together and spend a week seeing some of the land.

We flew into Glasgow and hired a car to head north. This was my first experience on the opposite side of the car on the opposite side of the road. Not to mention driving manual for the first time in years. I added insurance to the car and headed the 3 hours north to Glencoe for our first day.

We checked in to our bed and breakfast and immediately ask what we should do if we only have 24 hours in Glencoe. We mentioned a hike we had in mind but our Australian host warned us that it was too dangerous without spikes in the snow. So he pointed us in another direction around the base of the mountain to a waterfall and suspension bridge. Love that guy.

Day 2 We head further north to reach the Isle Of Skye.

I've never seen weather like this in my life, it changes rapidly. We would have 5 layers on shivering, to then sweating in a t-shirt to a flash storm with golf ball sized hail.

Even with the rain, hail ,wind, and cold, you can't help but to have a constant grin. The weather is what makes it.

Sheepy butts

The terrain would change rapidly as well, from lush green to dark browns.

Most days it felt like we were walking on floating moss and mud.

Fairy pools

Kilt rock

Day 4 We continue North, about as far north as we can go. Heading towards a little coastal town, Ullapool.

Bone Caves

Day 5 We drove from one side of Scotland to the other. Stopping in Aberdeen to see Dunnottar Castle. On the east coast.

Day 6 We all made it to the Scottish castle wedding without any issues!

Now It was time to transition into wedding photographer

Which I've never done before

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