Where the hell is Vorarlberg?

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Vorarlberg Welcome to Vorarlberg, the region between Lake Constance and the high alps at up to 3,000 metres. Supremely located in Austria's very west, Vorarlberg shares borders with Germany, Switzerland and the principality of Liechtenstein.

In Vorarlberg, not only the vacationers, but also the cows spend their holidays on the beautiful alpine pastures.

All summer long the cows graze on the plants and herbs on the alpine pastures. Their milk is used to manufacture delicious dairy products such as cheeses, yoghurts, creams and other milk products.

Vorarlberg is known as the cheese region par excellence. These cheese wheels were produced with great care by hand in traditional methods at the alpine pasture Wildmoos in the Bregenzerwald.

The weather is not always sunny in the Alps, however, you feel the nature more intensely during changing weather conditions...

...and you never know, what you will encounter on rainy days in the mountains! Here we saw the rehearsal of the open air theatre #ShakespeareamBerg - in the rain!

Sometimes it also snows in the mountains - even in July!

Vorarlberg also offers a lot for those who love sightseeing - here are some pictures of the medieval, but also modern town Feldkirch.

Vorarlberg owes its beauty largely to its building culture. In the towns and villages, the blend of traditional and modern architecture is striking.

Even the bus stops in Krumbach are architectural highlights!

And here's a picture of the Lake Constance - no words necessary!

Visit Vorarlberg... ...and share your experience!

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