FLEUR DE SEL 2 a Salt Collection full of Memories

Salt is the Sea that couldn't return to the Sky

That's how I feel about #mysaltcollection

For the LOVE to the SEA

I couldn't describe, why I started to collect Salt until I read the slogan from the Slovenian Saltpans in Piran/Seńćovlje: Salt is the Sea that couldn't return to the sky ...

Salt flowers with organic Mediterranean Herbs are rare, unless you make your own. I didn't find a better alternative so far, than the one from Mallorca.

A Stockholm Souvenir: Fling salt is very similar to the famous Maldon Saltflakes.

I found this lovely set in Copenhagen.


Bread and Salt are traditional Housewarming Party Gifts. Choosing a special salt will give your present an even more personal touch.

flavored bread dough

Lemon Salt

Citrus Salt Variations

Making my Orange-Salt for that special fruity flavor

Find part 1 about the #saltflats in Slovenia and Croatia with the matching salt here on #stellerstories: Fleur de Sel 1

all photographs + salts (C) Vanessa Otto - Vienna Foodblog: #foodphotography #food #salt #nature #cooking

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