Teton River Fun

Exploring the Teton Land Trust

An unexpected invitation to from @kapowder to come explore the @TetonLandTrust was all it took to detour my USA road trip to Driggs, Idaho. I soon discovered it was the quiet side of the Tetons, equally scenic as Jackson but with a fraction of the annual visitors.

The Teton Regional Land Trust mission is to conserve working farms and ranches, critical fish and wildlife habitat and scenic landscapes in Eastern Idaho for present and future generations.

As we paddled down the Teton River, we discovered just how diverse the fish and wildlife is in the region. Over our two hours on the river, we saw: Fisherman reeling in Trout A cow moose with two calves An osprey & great horn owl Trumpeter swans & blue herons A lone muskrat 7.4 million mosquitos

Recreation is popular within the Teton Land Trust, too, so it was little surprise that we encountered kayaks, rafts, drift boats and fishermen as we paddled our SUPs downriver. Essentially, the goal is to protect the area so that future generations can enjoy the same outdoor fun that we enjoy today.

If you live in or plan to visit Teton County, make sure to check out the @TetonLandTrust for more info! And if you get the opportunity, go spend a day on the quiet side of the Teton Range!

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