How I miss Ramadan menu at WAHA Kitchen | By Hafiizh

WAHA Kitchen

Hey hey Kalyan! Ramadan fasting month always leaves us behind with couples of memories. One of many unforgettable memories is the moment during break fasting. As a food blogger, I had been invited by several resto n hotel on their Ramadan food tasting session. Here I wanna share one of them.

WAHA Kitchen

Welcome to WAHA Kitchen by Kosenda Hotel

Hello WAHA Kitchen WAHA kitchen is a restaurant that located in Kosenda Hotel, Central Jakarta. With a cozy concept of dining, WAHA kitchen serves both Indonesian & International food. FYI, the Chef of WAHA Kitchen is my friend and He is a celebrity chef, Chef Eddrian Tjhia. #stellerstories

WAHA Kitchen by Kosenda Hotel

Last month on Ramadan fasting month, WAHA Kitchen made special Ramadan menu. They made several Ramadan menus and only available during fasting month. Surprisingly, all the menu was great. And now I really miss them all. What are those? Let me show you. #stellerid #food #restaurant #foodstories #foodblogger

Heaven Salad a bowl of Pomelo, Coriander with plum dressing sauce. #appetizer #salad #healthy

Honey Chicken Curry Chicken, coconut curry, honey, & date palm. Taste great! #chicken #curry #delicious

Rendang Kurma Cooked beef, coconut curry, herbs, & date palm. So delicious! #rendang #kurma #yummy

Laksan Fish cake in coconut milk broth. #laksan #fishcake

Nasi Kebuli Rice cooked in coconut milk, cinnamons, served with dice lamb. #kebuli #rice #nasikebuli

Nasi Goreng Indonesia Hebat The best! The best seller menu in WAHA Kitchen. Enak Banget! #nasigoreng #friedrice #indonesia

Special drink by WAHA Kitchen

Interesting Experience Yes, those are the Ramadan menu by WAHA kitchen. I miss it so much but I have to wait next year in next fasting month. Or maybe I can ask my friend, the chef, to make me those menus just for me because he is my friend. Hehehehe #friend #chef #menu

Table situation Ramadan Menu by WAHA Kitchen #tablesituation #foodphotography #flatlays #resto #cafe

Chef Eddrian

Chef Eddrian is a celebrity chef and his creations have been shown in several TV show. FYI, he comes from Bangka Belitung Province, the same home town just like me. This is my story. I hope you like it. #StoryOnFood

Ramadan menu in WAHA Kitchen, Kosenda Hotel Photo & story by Hafiizh

Thank you #StoryOnFood