Donostia - San Sebastián


Pukas Surf Eskola This week I took some teens surfing which means I took photos while they took lessons from professionals. These are the results. #sansebastián #basquecountry #surf IG: @caseylaraephoto

  • heikojahn

    I should learn to surf sometimes. Great scenery.

  • caseylarae

    I can't believe you haven't surfed yet! Yes @heikojahn give it a try 🎉👍🏼

  • heikojahn

    @caseylarae I tried it, but it was something between funny and embarrassing. The scene - Black Sea coast of Bulgaria - no waves - I will definitely practice soon with Jackson. 😉

  • b1jean

    These photos are beautiful, Casey, and I went through the whole sign up thing just to say so! I especially love the black and white where you were catching the moody sky and the reflections on the sand. Just beautiful! See you soon!

  • caseylarae

    Thank you SO much 😘✌🏾️❤️ @b1jean