I recently spent a whirlwind 5 days in the Tohuko region of Japan, a few hours north of Tokyo. I travelled with my friend Matt Donovan (@itsworthashot on Instagram), and our translator/host Miyuki. What I discovered was that Japan was not just big cities like I had always imagined, but instead a wonderland of lush green, serene nature. I hope you enjoy some of the images I snapped along the way! JZ XO

at one with nature ༄

always searching for light ꥟

quiet city nights ⊲

finding peace ☮︎

summer blossoms ❦

a quiet moment ༺

man and mountains 𐎝

searching for magic ༓

Thank you to for hosting a lovely sightseeing tour of the Tohoku Region. Thank you to for putting up with me. Thank you to YOU for reading my #stellerstories Hugs JZ xO #travel #japan #visitjapanau #photography #tohoku #epixtrip

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