Time travel at the “Knight’s House”

Swiss nostalgia in Val Müstair

Canton Graubünden is Switzerland’s largest, its varied landscapes and villages offering much for discerning travelers to discover. Graubünden welcomes visitors with diverse local attractions and extraordinary hospitality.

An excellent base for a nostalgia-rich stay is in the village of Santa Maria, a few kilometers shy of Switzerland’s easternmost border with Italy.

Guests at Ritterhaus Casa de Chapol can go for a spin in this vintage Citroën.

Ramun Schweizer, owner and chef, Ritterhaus Chasa de Capol, welcomes guests into his kitchen, with its copper pots and wood-burning stove.

Ramun uses pure copper pots, which he insists provide an Old-World character that is second to none.

The wine cellar at Ritterhaus Casa de Chapol dates from the 7th century, but stores Ramun Schweizer's excellent 21st-century wines.

An antique samovar is brought out each year at Christmastime, for an evening of poetry readings and celebration in the house's medieval kitchen.

The Schweizer family of Ritterhaus Casa de Capol, in Val Müstair, Switzerland

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