A Lavender Summer in Provence


In Southeastern France, nippy winters and hot, sunny summers combine to offer ideal conditions for lavender to thrive. From June to August, lavender fields in bloom are a must-see in Provence. The color, texture and scent have inspired generations of painters, writers and travelers.

Summer brings the postcard images of Provence to life.

Wheat fields, rows of olive trees, vineyards and fruit orchards share the land with lavender, and it is a happy marriage of soil, vegetation and the cultivator's hand.

The hilltop villages of the Luberon are surrounded by lavender fields.

The scent of fresh lavender permeates the air in summer markets all over Provence.

Honey lavender crème brûlée, perfect dessert for a Provençal Sunday lunch

Lavender is the soul of Provence

Jean Giono

Most harvesting is done by machine nowadays, but many traditions remain.

These memories are from our summer holiday with Bliss Travels, who offers exclusive-access getaways in some of Europe's most romantic destinations.


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