A Search Into The Elusive Garden

The Gift

There was a garden where the most precious gift in the world was said to be hidden.

Wanderers from all over the world and all walks of life came to explore the garden.

The garden was filled with lots of spectacular yet elusive wonders.

Mesmerized by the wondrous gifts the garden had to offer, many wanderers were lost while the most precious gift remained hidden.

In that garden, the wanderers would meet the Thumb.

The Thumb gave them a sense of importance.

He could multiply so fast, one would start to believe the Thumb had the power to make anybody the center of the world.

But, when they reached out, the Thumb left them as quickly as it appeared, moving its attention elsewhere.

Further down the garden, the wanderers encountered The Smile.

The Smile gave them a sense of positivity.

The wanderers would start to believe the whole world favored them.

However, as they got closer...

... they saw The Smile was a facade of a less-friendly face.

The Smile was nothing but a mask; conveniently worn to hide its real feelings or the absence of any.

Deeper into the garden, the wanderer would find something even more tempting.

The Heart. Lots, and lots of perfectly shaped hearts.

The Heart gave them a warm sense of being loved.

It led the wanderers to believe the whole world was on their side.

But, when they tried to keep it...

... the Heart crumbled and vanished.

The Heart was nothing more than a shower of graphic tokens, easily given, easily forgotten.

Yet, somewhere in garden, a lucky wanderer might find something unusual that was often dismissed by others.

The Plug.

It didn't look precious at all. It didn't offer anybody anything and just kept quiet.

One curious wanderer tried to pull it.

Immediately, she was disconnected from the garden.

For a moment, everything seemed duller.

Slowly, she recognized something....

A face of a friend, of a child, of a family, of a loving pet.

People who had been waiting for her while she was busy gathering thumbs, smiles, and hearts.

If you also happened to be in that garden for too long and too far,

Unplug. Disconnect.

Be ready to give and receive the most precious gift.

True attention. Full and unbroken.

Dee Lestari

Author, Singer-songwriter www.deelestari.com Twitter/IG/Fanpage: @DeeLestari Images by @hezkykurniawan #StellerID #Creative

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  • AllieG

    I related to the story so much. To me the thumbs and hearts represented likes on Facebook and Instagram and the smiles were all the fake friends I've encountered , while looking in all the wrong places for a love that was there the whole time. The drawing at the end hit home , of the girl and her dad hugging. It took some time of me being disconnected to realize mending my relationships with my dad especially, and everyone else i love is what i need to grow

  • super_deco

    Nyindir Path banget mbak haha. Anyway I feel that way too. Those that we got on socmed, are just easy to give easy to forget

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    This story was somehow related to me. I've been faraway from home for quiet long time. When i was a teenage i always dream of living and work by my self,pursue my own dream in the other town. Now when i live my own dream i realized not all of my imagination was as sweet as i thought. Living alone and faraway from home made me realized who really care and love me. I just miss my family and friends in my hometown :')

  • ong_cwai

    i knew it was 'family' that would come up at the last pages, yet 'the plug' indeed a very smart twist. thanks. what a great story.

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