Genuine reclaimed solid GREY Pine for cladding, PAR HRC1905 19x115-290xRL HRC1955 18xRWxRL __________________________________________________________________________________________ RECM1905 1904€ 147.122.85 RECM1905 1904£ 128.106.72 RECM1955 1904€ 100.83.58 RECM1955 1904£ 87.72.49

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suitable for exterior

HRC1905 19x115-290xRL Grey, no tongue and grooves

HRC1955 grey only, 18mm, no T/G

Notus 18mm and Notus 19mm

Notus 19mm and Eurus 7mm

3.75M long pallets

Jamie’s Italian, Oslo Airport

Upto 4200mm long, heath treated, unfinished, no tongue and grooves

Painted with roller

Painted again

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  • mute_x

    imagine a small cruising yacht/ship looking like this from the inside, and out?


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