Satay & Street Musician

The Collaboration

KH. Agus Salim Street in central Jakarta or well known as Sabang street is a place where we can taste so many street food which open at 17.30 until midnight. The place is also home for many backpackers from locals or overseas. Nite Life is very colorful over there. The best street food I love is Satay, a traditional chicken grilled with a peanut sauce. Uniquely, while we are eating so many street musicians entertain us. For some people may annoying, but for another it is a kind of street entertainment...

KH Agus Salim Street or Jalan Sabang


Traditional chicken skewer

'Cak Mamat Satay' is one of my favorite...

While we are waiting for the Satay, street musician coming in and play ing some famous old songs...

The aroma mixed with strains of the song are perfect combination

Another street artist performance

And It's almost done...

And then another street musician comes in, he is a funny lil man with a great voice...hmmmm

Cak Mamat is still preparing Satay

And finally....Ready!!!

The Stars

A few minutes later, a group of girls come in and they try to entertain while I'm eating. They came from one of the university in Jakarta

This girl band try to fund raise for their campus event

And here's the show...

Another great artist...

At the corner of the street, I saw an old street musician counts his money that he earned. What a day... Wish you success, Uncle

I ask him to play his fave song

Well, Jalan Sabang is one of the best culinary place in Jakarta still...hope you enjoy the food and the show. Thank you for flipping and see you at Instagram: @ariamphibia @ariamphibia_life ✉️ ▫️ All pictures taken by #fujifilm X70 camera from #fujifilm_id and under copyright ▫️ #steller #stellerid #stellerstories #food #traditional #jakarta #indonesia #indonesianfood #music #musicians #photography #streetphotography

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