San Fermin 2016

Plaza del Toros - 8AM

Today's stats: 7 people gored, 0 deaths, 6 minutes of bulls on the street, nearly 3 times the average -- yesterday it was 2.28 minutes total I did not witness a bullfight only the "Running of the Bulls"

Two men share the burden of walking the 5ft. ladder to the start line to help return the patron saint to his home within the city wall where locals sing to him. I touched the Saint as it passed.

this is where it all begins, up this hill and thru the old part of town to the plaza de toros - this is hours after it ended so the crowds are smaller

We walked the route afterward and enjoyed the kids runs, 3 seperate age categories each with a flare gun start and men pushing plastic bulls while little ones scream and hustle.

Street cleaning and garbage removal are a serious and important part of the process of this 7-Day festival -- I'll not soon forget the smell of vomit, alcohol, trash and chemical water

No bulls were killed this morning, just running of the biggest ones thru town and later several minutes each of teasing of the littler ones which gore and injur idiots who choose to be in the arena. I don't care for it, once in a lifetime, I'll never go back. It's one festival I don't plan to repeat I didn't like the energy after the running, it was machismo at its worst taunting the young bulls and capturing videos, trampled by bull, two going unconscious others bouncing back up, temporarily numb no doubt from the alcohol and adrenaline.


San Fermin 2016

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