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Inspired by a need to eliminate toxins & improve digestion I followed a 2-week detox plan loosely based on the idea of eating mainly organic veggies (mostly steamed), green smoothies & nuts while gradually introducing a bit of fish (twice a week). Now, a month later, it has become the nutritional path of choice when not out socialising. It's effectively a 5-day mostly detox, 2-day eat what you like plan that seems to strike a nice balance:) Essential ingredients: chia seeds, turmeric powder, coconut oil, flax seed oil, Neal's Yard Organic Green Complex (rich in spirulina & chlorella), Hemp powder, Pea Protein Plus, ideally organic locally produced vegetables (spinach, kale, avocado, cucumber daily), raw cacao powder, medjool dates, fresh parsley, lemons, fresh ginger, selection of herbs for making detox tea (dandelion root, burdock root, red clover, calendula, cleavers & nettle), raw unsalted nuts such as pistachios, almonds, cashews to snack during the day or to make raw dips with, organic nori, rice or quinoa. Important note: I love coffee. I try and stick to one a day and preferably good quality, single blend black filter coffee. I use milk-based coffees as an occasional treat. This includes dairy alternatives. Alcohol: Almost two years ago I began a regular yoga practice (I do Ashtanga 4-5 times a week) and as if by magic I stopped drinking alcohol. I don't even have to try, I am completely indifferent to it and I always make sure I have some at home for friends to enjoy. Feeling great. I only occasionally suffer from migranes instead of having them once or twice a month. I am a strong believer that there is a time for everything and two years ago was the right time for me. I apply a lot less effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It feels natural and necessary.

Detox green smoothie by Tipper Lewis, Naturopathic herbalist at Neal's Yard Remedies 4 tsp chia seeds 2 tsp Organic Green Complex* 1 tsp coconut oil 1/2 tsp turmeric powder 400 ml water or apple juice generous squeeze of lemon 1 quarter cucumber 3 sprigs fresh parsley (no stalks) large handful spinach or kale 4ml burdock & dandelion formula (optional) I try and source organic products as much as possible especially when consuming raw. I use this recipe as a base and experiment. I play around a little each morning. Sometimes I add a few grapes or a pear. Mint aswell as parsley, spinach as well as kale. Fresh ginger is wonderful too. I use different plant-based proteins. Neal's Yard Organic Green Complex is rich in spirulina & chlorella. Hemp powder is good too and inexpensive. I don't consume any alcohol so I avoid tinctures too. Instead of using Neal's Yard dandelion & burdock formula I use tea I made the night before that contains dandelion and burdock roots. I use 200 ml of this instead of water and 200 ml organic apple juice. If you are in London keep an eye on Chegworth farm Organic Cox apple juice. They have a permanent stall in Borough market right after Brindesa tapas restaurant on Stoney street. Wild Country Organics is another favourite stall I follow around London :)

Wraps I love them especially for lunch. I create raw dips using beetroot and cashews, avocado and chickpeas. Dr Libby, one of Australasia's leading nutritional biochemists has a wonderful recipe of how to make carrot hummus. My wraps are mainly vegetarian trying to use as many raw ingredients as possible; I do like adding the occasional protein. The nori wrap with beetroot dip and alpha-alpha sprouts was found at The Raw Chef website. He was totally inspired by a detox retreat in Thailand and devoted himself to Raw Food. He runs many courses on and offline. When I feel like having carbs I use gluten-free wraps because I''m intolerant to wheat. If in London, I found Newburn bake house 4 seeded wraps the most delicious. You can purchase them from Waitrose. When in New Zealand I love using fresh grilled snapper. I'm generally careful with animal-based protein. I basically prefer to eat what does not require to die. I use fish sparingly and I ensure it's fished with sustainability in mind.

Comfort food I have been recently indulging in a very simple dish which I always had as a child when I suffered from an upset tummy: rice with traditional, thick Greek yoghurt. From reading and experiencing Ayurvedic lifestyle I now add cardamon and coconut oil to pretty much everything. I use jasmin rice to add to the flavour. It's simple and delicious, easy on the stomach and just perfect when you need a bit of substance and softness combined.

Thank you for reading my short detox story. πŸ€—πŸΆβ˜•οΈ

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