In Yogyakarta

During Ramadhan and coming into Eid-ul Fitri, families travel to their hometown. While it seems that a lot of people are traveling from Jakarta, actually parts of the whole country is moving around. This movement is called 'mudik'. During this period, hometowns are also festive with events and pop-up attractions. Yogyakarta is one of those cities.

In the 'kauman' area, some activities happen around the grand mosque.

The Great Kauman Mosque itself is an assimilation of Islamic and the local culture. Much of the details uses the traditional carvings.

Around the Great Kauman Mosque, also lies 'madrasah' or islamic schools. Uniquely, some are especially for women.

The neighborhood is also very humble and homey.

An interesting part of the neighborhood is the house of Ahmad Dahlan, one of Indonesia's national heroes. In a part of his home, he recalculated the praying direction for muslims in Indonesia. He carved it into the cement floor. It's still the reference we use today.

Of course, another interesting part is the culinary treats. Each mosque and 'madrasah' usually prepare free food for those break-fasting around the area. They serve plenty. Also, in the back alleys, you can find a pop-up market that sells traditional cakes and dishes. So. Many. Choices.

If you happen to travel in Yogyakarta during Ramadhan or 'mudik'-ing there, the area around the Grand Kauman Mosque would be an interesting place to visit. But, maybe you have something else in mind. Do share with us! In the mean time, happy Eid-ul Fitri to those celebrating in the up coming days.

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