Special Turkish Iftar at Grand Cafe Grand Hyatt Jakarta

Ramadhan Kareem Ramadhan is a holy month for muslim and all muslim in the world do fasting during this month until Eid Al Fitr day. Indonesia is a country with big muslim population. We have our own tradition celebrating Ramadhan. Many places offer Iftar for break fasting. Grand Cafe at Grand Hyatt Jakarta offer a special experience throughout Ramadhan. Let's follow my story. #ramadhan #grandcafe #jakarta #grandhyattjakarta

Welcome to Grand Cafe at Grand Hyatt Jakarta, Indonesia The special experience from Grand Hyatt Jakarta is Turkish Buffet spread throughout Ramadhan at Grand Cafe.

Turkish Buffet spread throughout Ramadhan at Grand Cafe Grand Cafe always becomes a trend among another luxury restaurant in Jakarta while having such an anticipated event like Ramadhan. They have Chef Emirhan Kurtcu, Chef Yusuf Kizilirmak, and Chef Selçuk Ayer from Istanbul handling this event. This Turkish Buffet at Grand Cafe is supported by Grand Hyatt Istanbul, Hyatt Regency Istanbul Ataköy, and Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Cuisine Buffet

Indulge your self at Grand Cafe enjoying Turkish Buffet. You won't forget this experience. What do they have here? Let's start this Turkish Delights experience at Grand Cafe. #food #buffet #cafe #restaurant

Appetizer - Turkish Mezze set This station is Mezze set. Try unique bite of Mezze set here. Chef Yusuf Kizilirmak explains how to enjoy Mezze. #appetizer #turkish #mezze #chef

Chef Yusuf explains about Mezze and serves us nicely with his warm smile. Excellent hospitality. #goodfood #foodstories #stellerfood

Turkish Main Course Set Main course set of Turkish specialities. It tastes so great for break fasting. #maincourse #stellerID #stellerstories

Chef Selçuk from Grand Hyatt Istanbul explains us about Turkish Main.

Turkish Main - fırında bütün kuzu, iç pilav (roasted lamb with oriental rice) This is their main at its best. Surprisingly it's a great roasted whole baby lamb. You must try.

fırında bütün kuzu, iç pilav Chef Selçuk serves this main by giving us a slice of the lamb with some oriental rice. #lamb #main #grandhyattjakarta

Turkish Coffee And now their Turkish Coffee can complete your experience here. Look how cute their glasses and coffee set. #StoryOnCoffee #coffee #coffeestory

Turkish Coffee

Chef Yusuf and Chef Emirhan give us a demo how to serve Turkish Coffee and the right way to drink it. If your coffee ready, drink it without the coffee grounds. After you finish, put the glass up side down on the plate and let the coffee grounds dry up. They said the pattern could tell you who your future husband/wife is.

Dessert set - Turkish Delights

you must try all this dessert especially the pear and ekmek kadayifi (the white brown cake beside the pear). It will sweet up your life and give you a happy ending experience at Grand Cafe. #dessert #cake #pear #ekmek

Table situation in Grand Cafe, Grand Hyatt Jakarta. They bring that beautiful plate set directly from Istanbul. #flatlay #tablesituation #steller

Thank you Chef Emirhan (left) & Chef Yusuf for your excellent hospitality and give us the best experience enjoying Turkish Buffet. Awesome service.

#RamadanAtGrandCafe Grand Hyatt Jakarta also has a surprise for all guest with photo contest with prize worth a staycation at Hyatt Regency Istanbul Ataköy, Turkey.

Grand Cafe I really enjoy my culinary experience at Grand Cafe Grand Hyatt Jakarta. They really has an excellent premium service to all the guest. Now I know more about Turkish food due to the chef explanation. Thank you Chefs & Grand Cafe. Grand Cafe, Grand Hyatt Jakarta Jl. M.H. Thamrin kav 28-30 Jakarta, Indonesia #GrandHyatt #StoryOnFood #storyoftheday #stellerverse

"People will break fasting. Make it worth their while"

Thank You #StoryOnFood by Hafiizh

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