Light weight, easy to install synthetic bricks/stones for cladding indoors or outdoors ______________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ 1904€ 136.109.86 1904£ 118.95.73

HW0108 Trikbrik Snowdon


Now you can simply turn walls or pillars of plaster/concrete into pillars of stone in a day. Architecture&Design

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HW0104 urban brick cladding brown

Designed in 1 sqm lightweigth interlocking cladding panels , Trikbrik comes with mastic and paints (to hide the joins) and enables you to achieve authentic-looking brick and stone walls and other features, quickly and cleanly using unskilled labour.

HW0102 aged red brick cladding

Red bricks stained into grey bricks

Secret door

High density polyurethane, polyester resin and crushed marble stone produce an exceptionally light yet durable, highly realistic panel, with excellent thermal, acoustic and flame retardant properties.

HW0112 Anglesey cladding - Sandy White

HW0100 white brick cladding

Mc Donalds, Sydney Airport

Travelport by Morphos, Sydney

0.97 sqm/board 1190x890mm 6-7kg/sqm


HW0106 urban brick cladding - aged white

HW0112 Trikbrik Anglesey

HW0114 qube cladding

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