Mini Bonsai

From Seeds Of Rain Tree

Mini Bonsai From Seeds

- Story & pics by Vinny Chirayil - June 25, 2016 Rain tree seedling growing in the cap of a deo spray can, for mini bonsai. Multiple holes, melted into the cap bottom, encourage multiple roots to grow out into the moist sand below it, in another container (see next page).

I pruned these new roots a couple of times & the top is frequently pruned.

HYBRID-PONICS Root pruning increases its density and it is then allowed to grow into water kept below the pot. See page 10 for updates. The water roots grow very fast and can be sacrificed after attaining the desired growth of the plant. I call this style HYBRID-PONICS (roots in soil and water) and it has some benefits over growing in a bigger pot of soil. Traditional mini bonsai pots with just 1 hole cannot do this and will give you circling roots.

Seedlings in my nursery catching the morning sunlight. ***

Sunbathing in the evening, in my kitchen, shielded from the moisture sucking strong wind outside.

Seeds of rain tree germinating. ***


soaking in water after nipping the hard seed coat with a nail cutter. May 15, 2016


- July 12, 2016 - 17 days later from page 3

More roots after last root pruning. They were growing into the coarse sand below them in the tray.

Roots !

Multiple holes are better than just 1 big hole seen in regular mini bonsai pots. Don't blindly ape traditions.


Suspended over water, with roots dipping in. Drops of pre-dissolved NPK solution are added to the water.

Roots need air too. Hence, not submerged fully. Roots will soon fill the water. Faster growth than soil.

The paper tube blocks sunlight and hence prevents algae growth on the container's inside walls and roots.

Back on my balcony. This is just a fun experiment.

July 23 - the long vertical roots were pruned after touching the jar bottom. Now side roots start growing.

Steller mailed me story stats, just a day after they liked my story. Wow, impressive ! For perspective, a YouTube video of mine took 2 months to get 1000 views. Steller took just 24 hrs !

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