Atacama (Cile)

The most colourful landscapes of the world

San Pedro de Atacama is located 2.500 mts. above sea level, on the north side of Atacama Salt Flat, an area of great tourist and archaeological attractions. But it's not all archaeology. The surroundings of San Pedro de Atacama also offer various attractions and unique landscapes that have been formed due to the extreme conditions of the area (lack of water, volcanic activity and the presence of salt flats). 

Valley of the Moon, located in the Cordillera de la Sal, represents an extraordinary attraction becouse of its similitude to the moon landscape and its enormous natural coliseum.

There is a big dune from which you can appreciate the zone.

Panorama of Coyote Stone, often known as Mirador de Cari, offers an inspiring sunset with pink and orange hues emblazoned in the clouds.

El Tatio is a geothermal field located in the Los Andes Cordillera (4.200 mt over the sea level) which at sunrise presents impressive steaming fumaroles produced by the high temperatures of their watery craters.

Miscanti and Miñique lagunas Altiplanicas are located at more than 4.000 meters over the sea level, the color of the water and the landscape are beautiful.

The journey continues deep into the Andes close to the frontier pass with Argentina, at 4500 meters above sea level, reaching the majestic Salar de Talar (Piedras Rojas), formed by various salty lagoons that marvel the voyager with the colors of the briny waters and by the famous red rocks which give name to the place.  

Laguna Chaxa, in Los Flamencos National Reserve, which sits amongst the salt flats, hosts three different types of flamingo species – James, Chilean and Andean.

This is also the backdrop for watching another amazing sunset.

The end

San Pedro de Atacama in Chile left me speechless. The surrounding landscapes are unreal, mind blowing and seem taken from another planet.

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