Art Show!

jill dryer's armchair

Hi! Oh, no need to get up... This is my first armchair art show and I'm featuring 9 sunny illustrations. I'm Jill Dryer, an artist in Portland, OR, who's always making something creative and rooting for dreamers. The ones who lob big ideas into the stratosphere and pull us all up. So grab a drink, wear your pjs, and take a quick spin.

Here are 9 dreamers and some beautiful birds! 1) polar bear dreamer (previous page) 2) surf shack dreamer 3) hummingbird girl 4) heart in her head 5) edge of the universe 6) every house has a soul 7) blissful thinking 8) moon dream 9) beautiful birds

All pieces are signed, and ready to go! If you wish to purchase art, or have any questions, please email me at: I hope you enjoyed my first armchair art show!! #stellerart #art #artshow

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