A story behind Tolire Lake Ternate By Hafiizh

Tolire Lake, Ternate, North Maluku

May, 2016. I visited Ternate and explored the whole island. On the other side of the city precisely at the northwest of Ternate, there's a beautiful lake with green water inside. Tolire lake is a beautiful lake located in Ternate. There's a story about this lake base on what local people belief. #stellerstories #stellerid #steller #story #tolire #ternate #indonesia

A long way ride from the city to Tolire.

We need to take a ride 30 minutes using a bike. #lake #journey #explore #goexplore

Welcome to Tolire lake When I arrived at Tolire, I drove my bike up about 300 meters to the car park. I saw a unique words on the stairs to the lake. It meant welcome in local language. I asked my friends and local people about this lake and they told me a story about it. #local #urbanlegend #legend


A beautiful green Tolire. According to local story, this lake was a village that to be cursed. #lake #pesonaindonesia

A cursed village How could it be? Long time ago, there was once a village where the people lived in harmony & prosperity. Behind its harmony, there was a father in the village who impregnated his own daughter. God got angry with what he had done and cursed the village. Then suddenly a horrible storm came and destroyed the village. The father was drowned and turned into a big Tolire lake. The daughter run from the village and drowned into a small Tolire lake.

There's no village anymore. Now you can only see this green lake.

The story was happened thousand years ago. Now the great Tolire lake becomes one of tourist attraction, beautiful destination in Ternate. There are 3 spots to enjoy Tolire with different point of view, the gate, down barrier, and top hill. The previous photo is the view from top hill after we climbed up 200 meters. #stellerverse #storyoftheday

Hello Tolire from top hill. We can see both another island and the lake from here. #ThroughTheFrame #StellerInFrame

The great Tolire lake #TolireLake #nature #northmaluku

A place of relaxation, rest, and tranquility. So glad Indonesia has a beautiful lake in Ternate.

So that's the story about Tolire lake. Interesting, isn't it? I feel a bit scary imagine a village under the lake but my friends said there's nothing to worry about. It's just an urban legend, a local people belief. So I hope you enjoy my story. All photo n story by me. Thank you #StellerInFrame #Tolire #Ternate

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

Albert Einstein