Lombok, Indonesia

Semeti beach

Semeti beach is a virgin beach with the stunning natural beauty. Semeti beach adjacent to Mawi Beach, Central Lombok. If Mawi beach full of surfers, unlike the case with Semeti beach filled with silence, because it is hidden paradise beach in Lombok island and is unknown to many people. The beach offers the natural scenery with white sand and calm waves with colorful sea water.

Semeti beach

The Silence

|Burning sky|

This is one of my favorite location at Lombok

|Cloudy afternoon|

|Evening comes|

|On duty|

|Before raining|

Semeti beach

No words to describe how beauty the beach is..but this is only one of the hidden seascape paradise I know. I will take you to another Indonesia hidden paradise then.. ▫️▫️ #steller #stellerid #seascape #indonesia #photography #beach #fujifilm_id #gofujifilm #terfujilah

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