My Journey in Early Summer

If somebody asked me first five things that crosses my mind when I hear the word, RUSSIA, my answer would be Maria Sharapova, Vladimir Putin Rubel, Leningrad and Sputnik

The answer to the request would change now...

Three weeks ago, I visited Russia. It's always been in my mind to visit Russia. Only I didn't think it would be this year. This one beautiful chance finally happened. And everything I know or didn't know was about to change.

First, I thought Russia was a closed country, like they live with their own life. I simply don't know anything about it more than I mentioned above. It is just not out there. Unheard, unexposed, unknown at least to me. Now I know it's Eurasia, and it was shocking to know that it has the biggest Mc Donald's store in - the- world!

-changing guard in Red Kremlin-

McDonald's restaurant

Second, despites the modern world's fast food outlet, it has 195 metro stations around the Moscow which was built in the 50s. And they don't just stop there, Russia has one of the greatest museum in the world called Hermitage.

Inside Metro Stations

Last, Russia was by fate destined to be a gem. It is geographically positioned next to China, North Korea, Norway, Finland and Ukraine. Each culture contributes to make Russian culture even richer. A blend of European and Asian Culture makes Russia a beautiful country.

This one trip, I did my best to capture any given moment during my trip. I totally made the most of every second. I also happened to find out that there are 500 bridge canals in St. Petersburg ( I hope I could capture them all in one shot!) and many interesting facts about Russia.

All was beautiful. All was great. Now when anybody asks me to name five things about Russia, I have the right answer ; Classical, Historical, Elegant, Modern, and Simple.

For Suzdal, Vladimir, St. Petersburg photos, will come next.

Spasibo! :)

All Photos and text by Unggul Santosa. Check out my Instagram @petrichor218 Thank you for lumix GX8 #russia #stellerid

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