a ' thank you' ceremony

The Q'ero Shamans in Peru perform an elegant ceremony of gratitude called a 'despacho''. It's about restoring balance with the energy in all living things by offering a sincere gift to the universe. I was fortunate to meet with Q'ero shaman, Vilma Pinedo, and inspired to create a despacho ceremony for our home in Portland. My family and I adapted the tradition with treasures from our own garden, drawings, and other symbols of our gratitude.

We gathered plants and flowers, drawings we made, cotton balls for clouds that bring rain, candy to celebrate the sweetness of life...

With deliberate intent and gratitude, you place each symbol in an artistic circle and build a beautiful gift. The final step is to wrap the despacho and place it in the fire as an offering to spirit.

The practice is not to watch the offering burning, so Apuchin (the old condor) can come to eat the remains. And because watching might hold back some of the filaments being sent to the cosmos.

This is only a glimpse of this beautiful tradition. If you'd like to learn more, here are a couple of great resources: We loved experiencing this together as a family! Gratitude is the foundation for happiness. #gratitude #despacho #globaltribe

A full moon completed our ceremony last night and today - an amazing sun dog appeared!

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