Finnich Glen ~ Devil's Pulpit ~ Scotland

Explore a magical Scottish gorge

The devil's pulpit I explored one day little did I know how long I would stay like cast under a spell of devilish power my visiting time was well over the hour 💙

I climbed over a fence found a path that was trodden in just a short walk the pulpit was calling 💙

The sound of flowing water got nearer and nearer I peeked over the edge to see it more clearer 💙

The falling water was swirling so fast like a frothy coffee that never does last 💙

I seen a prominent rock shaped like a church pulpit legendary tales of the devil preaching are told druid meetings and witches have also been known 💙

I found the way down it was very inviting known as Jacob 's ladder steep steps were so winding it was slippery and muddy but very exciting! 💙

My legs reached safe ground into this Jurassic like world Irn Bru coloured water flowed past me and swirled 💙

Looking back at the staircase was intriguing to see 200 years old these stairs so I'm told 💙

I couldn't reach the pulpit or the waterfalls in the gorge deep orange water was a barrier of sorts 💙

So I climbed on the logs stepped on the stones captured these moments with my camera phone 💙

Names and tokens of love scored on stones all around so I added our names joining this secret crowd 💙

I climbed up the gorge found wild shamrock growing free hiding in the shade was this sweet Irish weed 💙

My visit was ending and it was time to leave the ascent was easier I was so relieved this magical gorge was a pleasure to see a wee hidden gem that has really impressed me 💙

Love exploring gorges

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