eolian islands

Salina is part of a group of little islands off the North cost of Sicily. It is the second largest island among the Eolian archipelago and one of the greenest. Here grapes of Malvasia wine are cultivated and it is also known for its delicious capers.

What I loved the most is that you can always spot one or two islands of the archipelago going around and its volcanic origin land, makes colors so intense. And the blue of the sea. Oh, that blue ๐Ÿ’™

One day we went hiking on one of the two extinct volcanos of the island. It was one of the most spectacular hike I have ever done!

Alicudi Filicudi Monte dei Porri

We walked through clouds while going up and once reached the top, I couldn't believe my eyes. The sky cleared up, so we were able to see the panorama just above us. And I couldn't imagine anything more beautiful than what we saw.

This island is a very special place, that I can't wait to visit again, again and again.

A special thanks goes to @dailybreakfast for suggesting this place to me. It was such a great discovery! More on: