2449 miles with my #stellerdad


2449 Miles

My #stellerdad and I left on December 30th to drive from Oklahoma City to San Jose Del Cabo It should take about 5 days. #roadtrip #baja #adventure

The car's packed, Cowboy is loaded up and we're ready to go! Dad's so patient with the selfies.

Leaving Oklahoma City looked liked this. You know you have a good Dad when there's no complaining 45 min in and you want to stop and take pictures of ice.

"Dad, we gotta go back. I need a picture of the gas station and I want to look inside"

Driving into Santa Fe, NM.

We stop for football & photos. Flagstaff AZ

We spent New Year's Eve on the road. I assured Dad In-N-Out was the place to go. Avondale AZ.

I love this landscape on HWY 8 before the Tecate border.

We crossed the border in Tecate. We were told there would be no lines, it's true - no lines. But, no one from customs showed up for work and we had to wait an hour or so. Oh well.

Check out the antiresorts.com to learn more about the Encuentro modern villas and restaurant.

Ensenada Mexico. Our first view of the Pacific Ocean

Our third day of driving was an endless two lane road with an extraordinary landscape. It's not recommended to drive on the peninsula after dark so the 1649 miles of the peninsula takes a few days.

You kind of need to be prepared for this stretch of HWY 1. If you don't have a full take filling up will look like this. Usually they have gas but not always.


Outside of San Quintin, time for Margaritas.

A great breakfast in Loreto and our first views of The Sea of Cortez. The cover is taken along this section

That's me

First morning in Cabo

5 days and I would do it again in a heart beat. There aren't many times as an adult that you get to spend 5 days with your Dad. It was a great trip and we had an incredible time. Love you Dad

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  • ilmanpuranto

    Great trip and story!

  • aconica

    @ilmanpuranto Thanks Ilman 😊

  • Duke

    Just took a road trip myself:) and going to Cabo in November!!!

  • aconica

    @Duke hi Duke! I have a couple stories on Cabo quite a ways back. Make sure you goto Old San Jose Del Cabo. That's my favorite area

  • Duke

    Awesome @aconica ! Did you ever see any waterfalls or anything like that?!

  • aconica

    @Duke not on the drive. Once your in Cabo it's very dry and deserty.

  • aconica

    @Duke there is so much beautiful water up in your beck of the woods. I'm going to Portland next week and hoping to getting some good waterfall hikes in.

  • Duke

    haha thats so funny I am going to Portland in July!!!

  • Duke

    Sorry to bombard you but heres a few places I want to go: Toketee Falls Smith Rock State Park Drift Creek Trail Cannon Beach Wahclella Falls Multnomah Falls Rowena Crest Mount Rainer National Park Abiqua Falls

  • aconica

    Ohhhhh this is a very fine list!!! You traveling to PDX with your sis? I'm going there to see mine. Are you driving?

  • aconica

    @hayliezangrillo thanks Haylie, I want to do it again!!

  • ClosetWrtr

    Interesting story and pictures. I wish I could also have a road trip with my dad too 😄

  • aconica

    @satitz1 I truly feel lucky. 24 7 with your Dad is good.

  • alifiazs

    I really love your story. I wish I have a incredible trip my Dad too. :)

  • aconica

    @alifiazahra thank you 😊🙏🏻


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