Indigo Hunter Satchels

By Peg and Awl

We at Peg and Awl are continuously lured by the stories and the physical evidence of people and cultures – and the effect of time thereon. Though historically we have used American textiles in our bags, we were drawn to 6 traditional hand-woven Indigo dyed fabrics from Africa – each distinctly patterned and worn. These antique textiles tell the story of an already full life through their weaving, fading dyes, holes and repairs. We are celebrating these very marks of human existence by incorporating them into small batches of our Hunter Satchel.

Collection No. 1 Truffle + Indigo (Sold out!)

Collection No. 2 now available! Spice + Indigo. (Sold out!)

Small Hunter.

Large Hunter.

Small pocket on the inside for organizing.

The woven panels have been stitched together. Repairs can be seen throughout each textile.

Putting on the button studs.

Moss is currently available - with only a few remaining!

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