Explore a Scottish fairy mountain

Schiehallion mountain ~ Scotland

The mountain was hiding

Pronounced She-hal-i-on The fairy hill of the Caledonians Looked after by the John Muir Trust

It was wet and very windy. The fairy mountain was hiding in the clouds, but we still went ahead with our expedition.

We were determined to conquer this Munro!

The mountain was certainly challenging us.

We sheltered behind some rocks to wait out the storm. Then the rain stopped and the wind started to dry us.

Then the dark clouds started to clear. I could feel the warm sun and blue sky was peeking through the clouds. Our spirits were lifted and we all smiled with joy.

It felt like a journey to the centre of the earth!

Schiehallion rocks!

Wispy clouds dancing, taunting us.

Snow and cumulus clouds.

Schiehallion quartz sparkled like fairy dust.

The summit was calling us.

After climbing the challenging boulder field we finally reached the summit. My Peak Challenge was completed!

~ We were over the rainbow ~ It was a magical rainbow mountain!

Back again.

Capture the moment.

A toast to Schiehallion! ~ The magical fairy mountain ~


Love exploring mountains

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