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For Christmas this year, @cindy game me "The Gift of Flight". A 30 minute ride over Manhattan with @NYonAir. Billed as "The Ultimate Photo Experience", the "Manhattan Classic" package was pretty awesome.

First Stop: Lady Liberty

Within minutes of boarding our doors-off helicopter we were in the air and heading towards the southern tip of Manhattan. Our first stop was a slow flyby of The Statue of Liberty.

Shot on an iPhone


No two flights are the same. Our flight took us to the southern tip of Manhattan then up the east side, zig-zagging over midtown, around the Empire State Building, out over Roosevelt Island and then back down the East River. Spectacular views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the key bridges and waterways.


Open Air Flying

Flights are conducted in twin-turbine, open-door helicopters. There is a pilot and four passengers (three of which have seats). One "lucky" passenger sits on the floor, legs outside and resting on the skids. Passengers are harnessed and locked on to the helicopter. All cameras and equipment tethered to your harness.

East an Inland

Flying up the east side, along the East River offers stunning views of Midtown to the Northwest, and once we crossed inland, Downtown to the south.


"We just happen to be in the greatest city in the world!"

The Schuyler Sisters


As we fly into Midtown I'm suddenly surrounded by all the sights I see on a daily basis. This time from above, not street level. Our apartment on West 48th and 5th Ave, The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Central Park, 432 Park Avenue, Bryant Park... @Harley, @cindy and I have called this neighborhood home since January.

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Central Park

The 834-acre masterpiece of landscape architecture designed in the 19th century by Fredrick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux was designated as New York City's first scenic landmark in 1974. As one of America's greatest works of art and the nation's first public park, Central Park has become the most famous and beloved urban park in the world.


Our apartment has a direct view of The Empire State Building. This is our daily view. Not the same as doing a fly by with @NYonAir, but still pretty special.


As we turn south and start heading home we make a final pass over Times Square, Madison Square Garden, The East River and its Bridges, and of course Brooklyn.



Most photos shot with Leica V-Lux (type 114) with a hot shoe mounted GoPro HERO3.

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