Pop Punk Traveller

"That way, horse" "I have no business there" "Why u do this?"

Let me sit here awhile and think about the failure that is me

Take me back under my pineapple. I'm starting to go banana.

Usually, everytime we travel, we'll look for odd/unusual place to visit. In Budapest, one of them is Hospital In The Rock. This museum is built to withstand the world war. Even if there's an apocalypse going on outside, people in Hungary can survive inside. Too bad we couldn't take photos inside.

"I should slow down drinking, I can't feel my arms and legs"

Moving for the sake of motion

"I think we're lost, horse" "Take a taxi bitch" "Shut up"

"Useless horse"

So many places to explore.. So little time.

There's a place called Budapest House Of Terror. A museum that contains exhibits related to the facist and communist regimes. including those detained, interrogated, tortured or killed in the building. However, it was under renovation when we got there. Bummer.

She's bummed because we can't get inside The House Of Terror.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you" "Why you came back?" "I forgot my wallet"

Another spot to visit is Holokauszt Emlékközpont or Holocaust Memorial Center.

A Poem

The sun sets weeping in the lowly west We have no sleep in Budapest If you would let me hold your breast I'll carve my heart out of my chest

"The burning in my chest, wears off in Budapest".


And of course, after a long two-days stay of walking and roaming the city, it's mandatory to take a hot thermal bath in Széchenyi.

She didn't know I farted

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