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Merdeka di Maratua

"Beri aku 10 pemuda niscaya akan kuguncangkan dunia"

Ir. Soekarno Founding Father of Indonesia

Maratua island, a wonderland in East Borneo, Indonesia. August 17, 2015. We, Indonesian youth, sought the meaning of freedom in the Independence Day.

Glory in Maratua

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Outdoor experience

In the Independence Day, we wanted to make a different journey. This was the right moment visited the outer island of Indonesia. #goexplore #outdoors #explore

Welcome to Indonesia's precious outer island. #visitborneo #borneo #paradise

a mesmerizing rare phenomenon

We saw a beautiful white sands, so large and amazing. We used to see beach water receding, but not this extreme.

The locals said that it was never been like this before. So we were lucky had this experience. This wide sands became our play ground, just us and a few guest. #stellerstories #stellerverse #storyoftheday #steller #place #stelleroutdoors #wonderfulindonesia #pesonaindonesia

Chillin' at the beach yo

Today was our Independence Day. We celebrate the day in the outer island. So blessed.

We felt so happy beyond everything, amazingly great. We brought our national flag and raised it. We made a small ceremony to commemorate our Independence Day. Freedom meant a lot to us, but the most important thing was a responsible freedom. As a proud Indonesian, we had a responsibility to take care of our nation.

We love Indonesia

We love Indonesia so much. We, Indonesian, want to have big contribution for our country. Exploring outdoor makes us stronger.


"Aku tinggalkan Kekayaan alam Indonesia, biar semua negara besar dunia iri dengan Indonesia, dan aku tinggalkan hingga bangsa Indonesia sendiri yang mengolahnya." Ir. Soekarno

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